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About me


In our family, art has been and still remains an essential part of our worldview and interest in life. From an early age, I admired our father's paintings. It was with them that I grew up and learned true beauty.

In our large family, the love of painting has been instilled in everyone since childhood. But it was me who was lucky, and art remained in my heart for the rest of my life.

This is how I drew everywhere and at any free moment: it inspired me, relaxed me after a hard day's work and filled me with strength to implement big plans and ideas. And one day my works appeared in a large Mall in Kiev, in my hometown, where our family comes from.

It so happened that life forced us to leave our home. All this happened after the Russian Federation attacked the territory of Ukraine. We moved to wonderful Switzerland, where my family and I were given a shelter. Here I have more time and opportunities for creativity, since I worked as an architect in Kiev right after graduating from university.

I began to present my works at exhibitions in Zurich and Lugano. I am extremely pleased that my paintings were appreciated, and now they decorate Swiss houses. I am sure that at such moments life teaches us not to stop believing in miracles and the power of good. That's why I always tell our daughters that a miracle is very close, the main thing is to believe in it.

The last paintings were painted inspired by Africa, the power of nature and beauty. In them I reflected the "Unity of the family". Such solitude with nature gives you peace of mind after a hard day's work. Also at the exhibition in Zurich, I presented the painting "Ukraine". I didn't want to be silent, so I told through art how Ukraine has been occupied by Russia for many years. So, I left a trace in history, because everyone finds in the picture what he would like to see. And the eyes are the door to the soul.

Of course, paintings with mountain landscapes have also been added to my collection, because Switzerland inspires with its relief and unique nature. And I'm happy that people who buy mountain paintings from me say they feel themselves at home.

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